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Archdeacon John Lewis School

Archdeacon John Lewis school hosts a play-scheme – but for over 8′s only

Its one of the real connundrums of being a parent to children of varying ages in Brackla. When the over 8′s march off to the very welcome and well run council playschemes which abound in Brackla during the summer holidays there are often small groups of under 8 year olds left out on the street with nothing to occupy their time with.

Thankfully with this summer’s holiday period on the horizon and both of our older children well in the allowed 8+ years of age zone we don’t have any concerns this year. Our youngest child Tomos is only 2 in July so he’s not going to be ready for playschool anytime soon. But we do have neighbours who are affected by the age limitations.

So my partner Lorna took it upon herself to act on behalf of these neighbours, many of which had requested ‘officially’, a facility prepared to accomodate the under 8′s through the summer holidays although to date none was forthcoming, and for whatever reason.

Lorna first canvassed some of our near neighbours to see if there was any interest in perhaps setting up some form of parents co-operative play scheme.

With choices limited for the location of a playscheme, the community centre was chosen but it comes with some council set rules and regulations. One of which relates to the type of scheme it is.

Under no circumstances would parents be allowed to drop off their children. Not without reams of council red tape to work through. They could however attend with their children as long as they attended for the duration the child was present and whilst it wasn’t ideal for those parents who work for a living it was a start.

Which is how things stand today.

So as of Thursday July 25th, between 1pm and 3pm there will be a play group called Brackla Acorns running for residents of Brackla wondering what to do with their kids, especially so if its raining. The play group will convene at Brackla Community Centre and there will be refreshments on hand to replenish attendee’s after all that exhaustive play.

As well as a great opportunity for our younger children to practice their social graces in a group of their peers its also a fantastic opportunity for the mums to come along for a chat and a cuppa. Why not use the event to broaden your facebook contacts list?

Either way you are very welcome to join in the fun at Brackla Acorns.

A website is coming really soon but in the meantime please do check out the Brackla Acorns facebook page, to keep in touch with whats happening and how things are progressing.

The ultimate aim of the group is to illustrate to Brackla Council that there is a need for a playgroup for these particular age groups.

Now its time for us to prove our theories so please do come along.

We’ll see you there.

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